Thank you so much for visiting Life of Today’s Lady!!

I’m Jaclyn, Today’s Lady, and I loooove food!  Whether it’s baking, cooking, inventing my own recipes or cooking from one of my many many cookbooks, or simly eating-I LOVE FOOD!

This blog is my creative outlet.  As you can tell from above, mostly I will feature food related posts but I also have other passions.  I have a huge interest in healthy living and on my free time I read lots of health related books (usually while nibbling on chocolate, you gotta have balance right?).  I also love watching movies!  Musicals, dramas, comedies, chick flicks- I love all varieties!  Feel free to give me any recommendations 🙂

In the near future I want to expand my domestic skills and learn  how to knit, scrapbook, make jam…..etc.   So I’m hoping to feature these things on my blog soonish but I may have to wait until I have more spare time.  I’m working full time right now and have a huge family so I’m a pretty busy lady.  Hopefully I’ll be able to cut down on work soon and be able to persue my domestic dreams.  Either that or just get better at multi-tasking…… I’d prefer the not working so much route though!!

A few other things about me:

-I grew up in and still live in Vancouver, BC

-I’m a newly wed (Married since July 2010)

-I still don’t know exactly what I want to do when I grow up (being 24 doesn’t make me a grown up right?)

-Family is number one to me

Well that’s all I’ve got for you so far! 

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or comments!

email: todayslady@hotmail.com

xoxo Jaclyn


1 Response to About

  1. Jessica says:

    you should def learn how to knit, its so theraputic and scarves make the best xmas gifts 🙂

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